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Since being in Brazil, I have gotten more used to it, since everyone seems to do it, but it just has always seemed so cheesy and high-schoolish to me.

In the US, the Facebook relationship status is not taken so seriously.

This is one instance where the independent American culture clashes with the dependent Brazilian culture.

Anytime that I wanted to go out without him, my boyfriend at the time thought it was very odd – “Why don’t you want me to go out with you?

From my 5-month relationship with a Brazilian guy to my short time being single in Rio, there are a few things I have learned about dating in Brazil.

And sad, as well, that people feel such a compulsion to be in relationships here.If another guy touched me when I was with him (Brazilians are super touchy-feely!), my ex became super upset and agitated – which I actually found to be quite sweet.Since when did it become such a bad thing to be single?Sometimes I wish that I were less picky when it comes to dating – but unfortunately, it is not easy for me to feel an attraction to someone, actually have enough interest in that person to date them and also have that feeling reciprocated.

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