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It, too, had a nicely sculpted and enlarged head, distinctly mauve. She must congratulate Betty, her Alabama-born maid on such timing. Then she reached for her heavily-watered J and B Rare Blended Scotch Whisky and took a sip. She had heard gamey gossip that the Duchess of Windsor, a divorcee adventuress she greatly admired, flourished such a clitoris and that it had greatly helped her capture the heart of the then-King of England.She reached down and collected a gout of her secretions, flowing richly, and smoothed it over her perky clitoris. Pleasuring herself she moved to the second bay window and parted the curtains and looked down on the rear of her lavish garden. Three quite naked young fellas who had been working her hedges had just been bailed up by four girls from Grover Cleveland High, sassy 18 year olds who Mrs Reilly had insisted visit and inspect her plants."Why, Teddy, you're showing us all your virtues," chirped Mrs Ricketson, excited by how the day was starting. And she asked Ricky about his job in Mr Hyman's Dry Cleaners and Teddy about his job serving the counter at Freeman's Hardware and gave every sign of stretching things out, perhaps- Rodney, was beginning to think- so other ladies could get to inspect the full body nakedness of these two young men.Due to the wafting Soir de Paris, the appraising glances of Mrs Ricketson, their rising panic or the mere fact of being nude outdoors the two boys were firmly erect throughout this encounter.But right now one of them, Ricky Fafner, 19, was totally nude.He was not happy being nude because soon there would be ladies and girls around and they would see him. He had never been outdoors nude before; indeed his body was fish-belly white.At about a quarter to three in the afternoon on a summer Tuesday. He had been apprehended in the notorious lovers lane "playing back seat bingo" with the daughter of Brewer's Mayor. The arresting officer said that Ricky's penis had been erect and exposed through the flies of his boxers, the girl's panties had been dripping wet.As ladies were about to arrive for one of Mrs Reilly's famous afternoon teas. The furious commissioner had said, "It will be a work detail at Mrs Reilly's or I report to your parents. Mayor Zeldin will see that you never work in this town." When he had arrived half an hour ago Betty, one of Miss Reilly's Negro maids, took him to the garage and told him to take all his clothes off and leave them neatly piled. He had undressed slowly, lingering in loose boxers and only slithered shyly out of them when she had insisted.

His funny prick had been pointing the way, like a pathfinder.He felt Mrs Ricketson's eyes roaming to get a glimpse of what he was shielding. Then, around the corner of the house, came another 19 year old, Teddy Fasolt, once a champion of the track, with his blond crew cut and freckled nose. But burdened with the cleaning gear he couldn't cover up. Ricky Fasolt, M'am." "Well, Ricky, I know your Mom. She wore a stylish cucumber-green suit, with cinched waist, and a small fawn hat with white polka dots.Poor guy, his arms were grasping a mass of brushes, cleaning cloths, detergents, cloths. His bouncy prick already thrust out almost parallel to the ground. Her shapely calves shone with the sheen of her seamed nylons.All the characters in this story are, of course, 18 years or over. On the town of Brewer, set among pasture and lakes, with its silos, railroad tracks, dairies and car yards, its treelined streets and spacious old two story homes.***** It was the summer of 1956 and the sun shone on the United States. It shone on its soda fountains and diners, its movie houses and its two high schools, its YMCA, its milk-fed teenagers so many of them attired and coiffed like their heroes and heroines, Doris Day, Elvis Presley, James Dean and Audrey Hepburn.

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