Dangerous online dating sites

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Most people only date within their city anyway, so this data hits closer to home, literally.

The sexual orientations and personal details of millions of Internet users may have been exposed in an alleged breach of a social networking site aimed at intimate encounters.

Knoxville’s violent crime rate is in the middle of the pack, but, much like Orlando, the STD rates are the biggest reason Knoxville is so dangerous for online dating.

Again, the large, full-point gap in safety score is significant.

Even being revealed as a member of Adult Friend Finder might be embarrassment enough for some: The site is, as its name suggests, "adult" in nature. Penthouse Media Group acquired it along with the rest of its network, which also includes less risque sites aimed at religious and senior daters among others, back in 2007.Portland had the lowest violent crime rate of any city with just twenty-five crimes per 100,000 residents.The nation’s largest city also happens to be among the safest.These scores tell you the cities where you should feel safe meeting people and those where you may want to use extra caution.San Jose ranked well in both STDs per capita (seventh) and violent crimes per capita (fourth), so San Jose residents should feel safe about the people they meet from dating sites.

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