Dating adult virtual games for

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This gives us several major benefits: first, our costs are low, and we pass on these cost savings to our customers.Second, we allow creating many unique virtual worlds.We're very excited about this project because it will make it extremely easy to buy and sell items.We looked at existing virtual-world marketplaces when we designed our market, and we found that they're very limited in functionality and often lack many of the features that big e-commerce sites such as Amazon have. Our market will make it easy to find items using features such as attributes and full-text search, and it will be fast and beautiful.(Something that is the bane of every avatar in Second Life's existence)Kitely also takes a unique approach to pricing.

We were pixel revolutionaries, virtual pioneers working together to create something special.With weekly meetings open to the public Kitely has an open and transparent management model that reminds me of the early days of SL.Of course they also have community forums and an active blog.Afterwards we intend to open the market to users of other virtual worlds as well.Our sellers will have the choice of selling their content using either our virtual currency (Kitely Credits), which can be used only inside our service, or using real money which will be deposited to their Pay Pal account automatically. IT: We had decided early on to make sure that kids can use Kitely safely, without being subjected to the adult content that is common in most virtual worlds that support user-generated content.

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