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There’s absolutely no need for anyone, including academics, to memorize it. I think of Jesus basically the same way I think of those people. A few don’t, and have gotten into the whole “Jesus didn’t exist” thing, but I see that as a bad strategy and just an arbitrary selective application of the general level of doubt that we could be said to have about any number of figures from that long ago. I just wanted to make sure, because some people believe in, you know, the Big Bang or whatever. Me: Probably not, because the person who came up with the Big Bang was actually a Catholic priest. Me: How is belief in the divinity of Jesus “spirituality” rather than specifically Christianity? An argument is anytime someone says what they believe and gives reasons for it. I didn’t hand her a blue book and ask her to write an essay about how contemporary female poets under 40 are using the plain-speech surrealism of Ashbery as a springboard to inject the trappings of feminist literary theory with humor while recentering their discourse around a renewed belief in the power of a flesh-and-blood selfhood borrowed from the Confessionals, linking all this to the supposed “death of irony” effected by the September 11th attacks. That is a pretty open-ended question, and I wasn’t going to judge her on whether her answer was sufficiently outré.But anyone who failed this exam failed the course, which they then had to take over and over again until they passed in order to graduate. Keep having a required intro lit course where we make people read books, but don’t make them write any papers. His name was Georges Lemaître, and he was a Jesuit who— Date: I’m going to run to the bathroom real quick. Other Girl: Are you on a first date with a girl in a spangly top? comment having to do with poetry is a perfectly acceptable response.

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But there is already a class where we teach people to do that—it’s called English 101 (at most schools).If you think that sounds too easy, and like a “joke” class, just remember why we’re in this business. Like with any other conversation, all you really have to do at this point is say something next, which can take pretty much any form at all other than looking at the floor and implying that I am a dick for asking you this question. I did, but it’s over on my political site instead of here. Since I like to pretend my life is important enough that I have to “atone” for things, I stopped drinking for 30 days afterwards, plus when I got home that night I took an electric trimmer and buzzed off my hair.We became English professors in the first place because we think it’s vitally important for everyone to read literature, right? Me: If God wanted to save me, why did I fall in the first place? Plus if it was “destined” to happen that way, then he didn’t technically “save” me. Someone probably just died in a car accident within a few miles of here while we were having this conversation. I’m supposed to believe that God let all those people die, but I’m so great that he intervened to save me? If “who are your favorite poets” isn’t what you expect to be asked next when you tell a poet that you like poetry, then what do you expect to be asked next? It just seemed like the thing to do—kind of a visual reminder that I was rethinking my life, or at least pretending to.I know, because that’s what I did as a student, and now I’m an English professor. If everyone were like me, the world would be an utterly insufferable place in which to live, no matter how many great books there were. () Wall, do you find it odd that she scolded me about being an atheist for over an hour but then immediately went outside to smoke a cigarette with a bro who interrupted our conversation to announce that he was an atheist? And what’s really weird is that she didn’t even have any cigarettes, but somehow magically knew that the bro would follow her and that she could bum one off him. The person’s face drained of color, her jaw dropped, and she started frantically making eye contact with the other people in the room, who were all staring at me as if I’d just asked her which religion she thinks is the most evil or what shape she shaves her pubes into.And our attempts at inclusiveness have just made matters worse. She looked at the floor and mumbled something that did not involve stating the actual names of any specific poets, and then I got embarrassed and changed the subject.

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