Ftp server hosting chicago dating

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The only difference is that the nested filesets use the remotedir attribute as the base directory for the files on the FTP server, and the dir attribute as the local directory to put the files into.

The file structure from the FTP site is preserved on the local machine.

Again, the filesets are relative to the remote directory, not a local directory.

Getting files from an FTP server works pretty much the same way as sending them does.The ftp task implements a basic FTP client that can send, receive, list, delete files, and create directories.See below for descriptions and examples of how to perform each task.If ever switches to a unix FTP server that uses the new all-numeric format for timestamps, this version would become necessary.It would accomplish the same functionality as the previous example but would successfully handle the numeric timestamps. As you've probably guessed by now, you use nested fileset elements to select the files to delete from the remote FTP server.

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