Gta vice city global updating mod

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If you change player money without changing money on screen and max out the money then it might take...

well, probably not an hour if frame limiter is off, but still, a lot longer than it would take to quit and fix the save by updating both variables.

If I wanted to mod these changes I would use CLEO for Android, which is basically a script overlay for the game.

The script codes can be adapted from the standard mobile mission scripts and examples of Mission Passer scripts for PC.

Zero out the last 4 bytes of the file and then run the analysis on the whole file.

It should be possible, but there are better solutions.

It would be relatively easy to give the bonuses from these missions by save editing though, but the mission wouldn't be officially passed for completion.

This is where I got the modded game save from: It is believed to be done on a game save editor for i OS & Android!

This topic is a spin-off to avoid cluttering a Gameplay topic with technical junk about editing the saves, but it seems there are no current outstanding questions so I'm not sure why this topic got started. i had 476488 money so i simply search for it and i changed it to 500000. Thanks for giving info The last dword of the save file is a 32-bit checksum of all other bytes.

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