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You’ll be spared of the gap-year “finding myself” travelers.As a travel destination, Bali is extraordinarily diverse, easy to get around, and beautiful. I haven’t been to as many places as a lot of the bloggers you might have read on the webs.Given that, I depend on living a lifestyle and engaging in projects that I see as fun and interesting.

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It’s difficult to name the best place to live in South East Asia. The lack of development in much of the region can start to wear on you when you are in one place too long. Having freedom of location Bali is the first place I’ve lived since San Diego that really competes with the “completeness” of some first world cities (San Diego, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York) but with all the access to adventure, nature, and Asia in general that I crave. I haven’t seen any movies or books that really nail it the way I see it. You could check out Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” where he contemplates why expats drop out and “go bamboo.” A few days in Bali and you won’t be asking such existential questions.The real estate market in Bali is really inefficient.About 80% of the places I’ve toured I could easily imagine marketing them directly to the long term rental market and getting 20% more than asking price on the ground.We’ve found a nice portfolio of homes 3-4BR, Pool, Garden, in the most desirable neighbhorhood in Southern Bali (Seminyak) for about ,500 USD annually.These places are insanely nice and within walking distance from the top bars, restaurants, and beaches in Bali.

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