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Everytime it comes back on theres a helpline thing that shows different ways to solve the problems but tried all but none work. Grif..asked before, which operating system are you using? Did you blow out the internal components with compressed air? "So it's clear you haven't used the antispyware/malware scanners I provided in the earlier link.

Its really annoying, i have been considering getting a new computer but really can't afford a new one, so i thought i would ask for your help before i can consider getting a new one! its about 2 years old but only be set up 2 the internet for about a year so its not really that old..i seriously don't know much about computers so you might have to explain Checked for bulging capacitors on the motherboard. You may, or may not have cleaned out all the junk files, disabled unnecessary startup programs and services, plus run defrag and Chkdsk/Error Checking.

If you don't experience any problems, and you shouldn't, then remove that bunch from the Recycle Bin, then choose another group of files from the C\Windows\Temp folder and delete them to the Recycle Bin. re using Win Me, temporarily disable your 'System Restore' by RIGHT clicking on 'My Computer', choose 'Properties'. This will decrease the ever-increasing size of System Restore.

When that loads, click on the 'Performance' tab, click on the 'File System' button, click the 'Repair/Troubleshooting' button, and then place a CHECK mark in the 'Disable System Restore' button. Restart the computer again, then 're-enable' System Restore by UNCHECKING the box mentioned above.

Of course you can create new templates yourself (one for a letter, one for a report, one for a fax).

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Sounds like when you thought you were powering the computer off you were actually “sleep”ing it.

That means we can afford to backup, use other drives during the troubleshooting. i have been having this problem for a while now it started when i went onto add and remove items and deleted something i wasnt supposed to.

A few days after this it kept restarting itself before it reached the desktop, and occasionally got a message on a blue screen. As to bulging capacitors, see the link below: Blown and Leaking Motherboard Capacitors - A Serious Problem? And since the machine may not be too old, please do a complete cleanup of the computer using the link below.

I was accessing the server via on the remote computer). Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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