Sociology topics on interracial dating in america

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Assimilation is a term used to define the act of increase in acceptance of groups and individuals who are considered as minorities within the societies that are considered as majorities.

Assimilation has been recognized as one of the major reasons that have led to an increase in interracial relationships.

Throughout history, interracial marriages have been banned and restricted because certain nations, like Germany during the Nazi period and South Africa under apartheid, promoted the concept of racial purity.

Until 1967, the majority of states in the United States had laws against interracial marriage aiming at separation of the races.

Long distance relationships shed lights on the utilization of and comfort with technological advances in communication.

Author: Instructor: Course Title: Date: The implications of increased interracial relationships In America, many races co-exist together and interact leading to development and prosperity.

In an article entitled “New Generation does not Blink at Interracial Relationships” published on USA Today (USA Today, 2006, Web), it states that younger people are less concerned about race than they are about common interests and common perspectives.

Dating, in one form or the other, helps in self discovery, meeting new people, maintaining interactions with like minded people and social enjoyment as college student.

According to a research conducted by PEW, around 15% of all marriages occurring during the period of 2010 were interracial in nature (Wang, 2012).Racist related problems have prompted scholars both blacks and whites to conglomerate and fight for the rights and freedoms of the oppressed.This ‘getting to know’ act is done over lunch or dinner, taking one out for a movie or just spending time doing something of interest like visiting art galleries, museums, going to a concert or an amusement park etc.Between 19 certain states decided to legalize interracial marriages but officially it was the 1967 Supreme Court ruling which made it unconstitutional for states to ban interracial marriages.As a result the number of interracial marriages has increased significantly following that decision.

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