Who is jennifer gimenez dating

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Tags: 2011, BLOGs, BRANDI GLANVILLE, Celebrites, celebrity rehab, CHASITY BITES MOVIE, FRIENDS, HWOBH, In The News, jennifer gimenez, Journal, Klean Center, Lo Ve, RELATIONSHIPS, VH1 Sober House, WEIGHT LOSS I was sitting earlier thinking wow I’ve been on the go for a while like 4 months…. Mickers is such a sweet soul…) I then took care of more emails, fb and twitter stuff returned personal calls and off Iwent to the gym…I worked out for an hr then went to the steam room… I feel like a 13 yr old boy going thru puberty w my skin…goodness…she is one of my towers that I lean on for guidance and direction… after my meeting I went back to AMY’s and I had an hr to just relax so I went to her back yard wrote ,read and just took some sun for 40 mins… I was going to a “White Party” but I felt the need to find ala circa of some sort and we (she) did!it was really beautiful to just be in that moment…I found myself really happy with being w ME…I got ready cuz I was asked to shoot a show w my bestie BRANDI GLANVILLE again… one of the gifts thru the last few months has been spending quality time w my friends…its just always right before my GOD blessed women w this gift time…. I DEFFENTLY DONT HAVE THE WAAAA BURGERS AND FRENCH CRY I NEED A WAMBULANCE SYMDROME going on its just new and real for me right now…plus i dont know how to be sober 5 yrs 5 months and 1 day like i am this too is new… so w all this and other thing s going on im uncomfortable in my skin at times during the day but for the most part im HAPPYand peaceful and having FUN…my friends and family have been soooo amazing and allowing me to realize im human and that i can go thru and get thru anything (ive been thru so much worse)…If ur a father, grandfather, brother, son, provider, teacher, role model or mentor to anyone out there, know u are loved and adored …

Tags: 2011, Acting, BLOGs, Celebrites, celebrity rehab, Do Gs, Ev En Ts, jennifer gimenez, Journal, RED CARPET, RELATIONSHIPS, TRAINING, VH1 I woke up this morning and went to do my group at PRC… I have to admit that I was very nervous to do his show and meet him… he is awesome , sweet, good looking , funny and super talented …really great man and a really great time…I have a long ass day tomorrow which starts early…. Tags: 2011, Adam Carolla, BLOGs, Celebrites, celebrity rehab, EXERCISE, Lo Ve, pod cast/ itunes, RELATIONSHIPS, upate, VH1 It’s am Sun morning but since I just got home I posted this for Sat…

It showed some of the cast from CELEB REHAB Season 2 and SOBERHOUSE…like my sweet ANDY DICK…and Amber, Nikki, and Rodney.

I had no idea that it was going to be on-but boy was it a bitterly sweet show to see.

I found myself a bit blocked w the kind of look I was going to go w so AMY came to the rescue and her being such an amazing creator and stylist, mama got to whipping my look into shape… BRANDI and I hung out for a bit and talked then off we went to her party, thats all I’m really allowed to say about this job…

we took pictures and I posted a few up ( BRANDI AND CAMILLE GRAMMER & I) but will post more up on twitter and fb soon…its the moments that make it all the worth wild for me, like this one, as we were coming home we were grubbing on fatburger from the party laughing our bellys off like 2 little girls in the car, our conversations were killing us as we were choking on the choking while laughing soooo hard… today is FATHERS DAY so to all those wonderful men out there HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!

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